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Data Dictionary of Legislative Documents

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Element Name: associated-doc

Content Model: (#PCDATA | marker ) *
Located in Document Types:
      Committee Reports
      Conference Reports
      Hearing and Testimony Reports
Description: Identification of another documents that have an association with the current document such as reports, companion bills, identical bills, amendments, etc.. Used in the form element.


Name: display
Description: Determines if the element is visible or not.
Allowed Values: yes, no
Default Value: yes

Name: href
Description: This attribute contains a pointer to the location referenced by the element.
Allowed Values: CDATA
Default Value: #IMPLIED

Name: other-association
Description: Used to name the type of association existing between a measure and a related document, when that association is not one already identified by specific attribute value, e.g., “associated-bill.” This attribute is used when the value of the “role” attribute is “other.”
Allowed Values: CDATA
Default Value: #IMPLIED

Name: role
Description: Indicates the type of related document associated with a measure.
Allowed Values: amendment, associated-bill, associated-resolution, companion-bill, identical-bill, legislative-history, report, other
Default Value: associated-bill

Parent Elements: