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Data Dictionary of Legislative Documents

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Element Name: legis-body

Content Model: (( section *, (( division | title ) +)*)?)
Located in Document Types:
      Committee Reports
      Conference Reports
      Hearing and Testimony Reports
Description: Container for the textual content of a legislative measure. This may include such material as proposed law and changes to existing law. This element does not contain the enacting clause, but the enacting clause is generated on output before the legis-body is displayed.


Name: changed
Description: Has this ENTIRE structural element (such as a Section (structure of legislation), Title (structure of legislation), etc.) been added or deleted?
Allowed Values: added, deleted, not-changed
Default Value: not-changed

Name: display-enacting-clause
Description: Determines if the enacting-clause in a bill is visible or not.
Allowed Values: yes-display-enacting-clause, no-display-enacting-clause
Default Value: yes-display-enacting-clause

Name: id
Description: Unique name for the element so that it can be referenced.
Allowed Values: ID
Default Value: #REQUIRED

Name: reporting-committee
Description: For new or deleted textual material, this attribute provides a link to the name of the committee that made a particular insertion or deletion. The committee name is defined in the committee amendment line, which is part of one of the actions associated with the measure. This element links a specific change to that committee name.
Allowed Values: CDATA
Default Value: #IMPLIED

Name: reporting-committee-number
Description: This attribute represents the change style. For example, if 0, the material is not displayed. If 1, the added material is italic and the deleted material is strike-through. If 2, the added material is bold-italic and the deleted material is bold-strike-through. All of these items have not been defined.
Allowed Values: CDATA
Default Value: 1

Name: style
Description: Identifier for the style of format to be used for a measure, e.g., Office of Legislative Counsel style, Tax style, “Traditional” style, etc..
Allowed Values: appropriation, defense, OLC, nuclear, tax, traditional, USC, multiple-resolved-clause, order-of-business, concur-with-amendment, constitutional-amendment, impeachment
Default Value: OLC

Parent Elements: