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Data Dictionary of Legislative Documents

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Element Name: amendment–doc
Description: The top level container element that contains all the text and markup for an amendment. This element encompasses the amendment's form (metadata which is the information about the amendment), and the amendment-body (the actual words that comprise the content of the amendment).
Bills DTD Content Model: (amendment–form, amendment–body?, attestation?, endorsement?)
Name: amend-degree
Description: Indicates whether this amendment is, in the opinion of the writer, a 1st degree amendment or a 2nd degree amendment.
Value(s): first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth
Default Value: #IMPLIED
Name: amend-stage
Description: Identifier for an amendment's stage in the legislative process, e.g., pending.
Value(s): approved, pending, proposed, submitted
Default Value: #IMPLIED
Name: amend-type
Description: Type of amendment, e.g., substitute amendment. Values are as described in the amendment tree.
Value(s): Amendment, Substitute-to-Amend, Amendment-to-the-Amend, Amendment-to-the-Substitute, Amendment-in-the-Nature-of-a-Substitute, Amendment-to-Amend-in-the-Nature-of-a-Substitute, Substitute-to-Amend-in-the-Nature-of-a-Substitute, Amendment-to-Sub-to-Amend-in-the-Nature-of-a-Substitute
Default Value: #IMPLIED
Name: dms-id
Description: Unique identifier for the bill, intended to be used by the document management system. Both the identifier and the version number for each bill are given in the attributes on the bill (top) level.
Value(s): ID
Default Value: #IMPLIED
Name: dms-version
Description: The version number of the measure, intended to be used by the document management system. Both the identifier and the version number for each measure are given in attributes on the top level element (bill, resolution, and amendment document).
Value(s): CDATA
Default Value: #IMPLIED
Name: style
Description: Identifier for the style of format to be used for a measure, e.g., Office of Legislative Counsel style, Tax style, “Traditional” style, etc..
Value(s): appropriation, defense, OLC, nuclear, tax, traditional, USC, multiple-resolved-clause, order-of-business, concur-with-amendment, constitutional-amendment, impeachment
Default Value: OLC
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