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Element Name: graphic
Description: Container for encapsulated postscript (eps) graphic file and its description.
Bills DTD Content Model: image-data
Name: depth
Description: Depth of the graphic in points.
Value(s): CDATA
Default Value: #REQUIRED
Name: file
Description: The name of the General Entity that holds the file name and the type of notation for the graphic to be inserted.
Value(s): ENTITY
Default Value: #REQUIRED
Name: graphic-desc
Description: Contains a brief description of the graphic. This description can be used for searching, to display in place of the graphic in an online system, or to be read by a voice synthesis device for the visually-impaired who cannot see the graphic.
Value(s): CDATA
Default Value: #IMPLIED
Name: graphic-indent
Description: How far to indent the graphic (in points)
Value(s): CDATA
Default Value: #IMPLIED
Name: halign
Description: Horizontal alignment of graphic in relation to the spanned part of the printed page
Value(s): center, left, right
Default Value: center
Name: rotation
Description: Indicates the display orientation of the graphic.
Value(s): (p | l | i | il)
Default Value: p
Name: span
Description: Number of text columns the graphic should span, expressed as a number
Value(s): 1, 2, 3, 4
Default Value: #REQUIRED
Name: changed
Description: Type of change made to the element
Value(s): (added | deleted | not-changed)
Default Value: #IMPLIED
Name: committee-id
Description: Committee code of committee making the change
Value(s): #CDATA
Default Value: #IMPLIED
Name: reported-display-style
Description: Typeface assigned to the committee making the change. Used for easier readability of changes.
Value(s): (strikethrough | italic | boldface-roman | boldface-italic | brackets-boldface-roman | brackets-boldface-italic | parentheses-boldface-roman | parentheses-boldface-italic | bold-brackets)
Default Value: #IMPLIED
Parent Elements:
  • clause
  • formula
  • item
  • paragraph
  • quoted-block
  • section
  • subclause
  • subitem
  • subparagraph
  • subsection