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Data Dictionary of Legislative Documents

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Element Name: toc
Description: The table of contents for a measure or portion of a measure. The attributes of the toc element are used for regeneration of the toc within the authoring environment.

There are essentially two toc sub-models (toc-entries or multi-column-toc-entries). Both models are non-hierarchial in that the legislative structure is defined in an attribute rather in the structure of the toc itself. The toc-entries sub-model, the most common, is sequence of enumerators and headers from the measure's source using PCDATA. There is no distrinction between the enumerator and header elements within the toc-entry elements. The multi-column-toc-entries sub-model contain up to three columns of data per entry (toc-enum, level-header, and target or page-num). Both sub-models also support quoted-entry elements (ie.g., toc-quoted-entry and multi-column-toc-quoted-entry respectively).
Bills DTD Content Model: ((header?, instructive–para?), ((toc–entry | toc–quoted–entry)+ | (multi–column–toc–entry | multi–column–toc–quoted–entry)+))+
Name: container-level
Description: Attribute to toc element. This defines the element the toc is for. For example, it's the toc for the legis-body.
Value(s): legis-body-container, quoted-block-container, title-container, subtitle-container, chapter-container, subchapter-container, part-container, subpart-container
Default Value: #IMPLIED
Name: idref
Description: A pointer to the location referenced by the element. (Location is expected to be a URI.)
Value(s): IDREF
Default Value: #IMPLIED
Name: lowest-bolded-level
Description: The lowest-bolded-level tells composition which levels to bold through (e.g., subtitle).
Value(s): none-lowest-bolded, division-lowest-bolded, title-lowest-bolded, subtitle-lowest-bolded
Default Value: #IMPLIED
Name: lowest-level
Description: This is the lowest level container used in a generated toc.
Value(s): account, appropriations-para, chapter, subdivision, division, subsection, paragraph, subparagraph, clause, subclause, item, subitem, part, section, subaccount, subchapter, subpart, subsubaccount, subsubsubaccount, subtitle, title
Default Value: #IMPLIED
Name: quoted-block
Description: This container attribute for generating the toc indicates whether or not quoted-blocks are included in the toc.
Value(s): yes-quoted-block, no-quoted-block
Default Value: #IMPLIED
Name: regeneration
Description: A yes value allows the regeneration of the toc.
Value(s): yes-regeneration, no-regeneration
Default Value: #IMPLIED
Parent Elements:
  • chapter
  • clause
  • division
  • item
  • paragraph
  • part
  • quoted-block
  • section
  • subchapter
  • subclause
  • subdivision
  • subitem
  • subparagraph
  • subpart
  • subsection
  • subtitle
  • title