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Element Name: subheader
Description: An additional “header” that follows a <header> and provides additional information concerning the structure identified by the header element. Often used in appropriations legislation.

The text of headers will appear in sentence style casing (upper and lower case) so that the table of contents entries can be extracted from the body of the document. Display mechanisms (both print and on-line) will need to transform the casing of headers based on their location within various strucutres. Section headers display uppercased. Subsection headers display in a caps and small caps casing style where the first letter of the header is always uppercased; characters originally typed using uppercasing are caps and all other words are inital capped, except for the words: a, an, and, as, at, but, by, for, in, of , on, or, the, and to. Levels below the subsection level are cased using caps and small caps, but maintaining sentence style casing. For all other structural levels (e.g., division, title, subtitle, part, subpart, etc.), the casing is transformed to uppercase.

In addition, any necessary punctuation and spaces following the header will be generated for display or printing. For example, when certain structures, e.g., Titles, Subtitles, Chapters, etc., follow OLC style, the display or print system will generate a centered header with no punctuation following. For sections using OLC style, a generated period will follow the Header, and for structures below the Section level, a generated period followed by an em dash will follow the header.

Note: In these DTDs, <title> and <subtitle> do not refer to a subcaption or heading. The element <title> and <subtitle> are very specific subdivisions of a legislative measure. The element subheader should only be used to describe a secondary heading or subcaption.
Bills DTD Content Model: (#PCDATA | term | added–phrase | deleted–phrase | internal–xref | external–xref | fraction | superscript | subscript | omitted–text | linebreak | italic | quote | pagebreak | act–name)*
Parent Elements:
  • account
  • subaccount
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  • subsubsubaccount