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Data Dictionary of Legislative Documents

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Element Name: omitted–text
Description: Used to indicate that a span of copy is not present in the document. This element may be used to tag a few missing characters (horizontal missing text) or any number of missing lines (vertical missing text). Use of this element will result in a line of “stars” (asterisks) being printed or displayed where copy is missing. This line typically consists of three or seven “stars” (asterisks). The Ramseyer portion of Committee Reports also uses three and seven “stars” (asterisks).
Bills DTD Content Model:
Name: type
Description: Indicator of the amount of copy that is missing from a document, i.e., a few words (“horizontal” missing text), or one or more lines (“vertical” missing text). Used to generate a line of “stars” (asterisks) where text is missing from a document
Value(s): horizontal, vertical
Default Value: #REQUIRED
Parent Elements:
  • action-desc
  • added-phrase
  • attestation-date
  • committee-name
  • continuation-text
  • cosponsor
  • definition
  • deleted-phrase
  • editorial
  • effective-date
  • entry
  • enum
  • external-xref
  • footnote
  • header
  • header-in-text
  • instructive-para
  • internal-xref
  • level-header
  • list-item
  • nonsponsor
  • official-title
  • official-title-amendment
  • proviso
  • quote
  • short-title
  • sponsor
  • subheader
  • target
  • term
  • text
  • toc-entry
  • toc-enum