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Element Name: short-title

Content Model: (#PCDATA | marker | added-phrase | deleted-phrase | internal-xref | external-xref | fraction | superscript | subscript | italic | quote | inline-comment | act-name | formula | term | omitted-text | linebreak | nobreak | pagebreak ) *
Located in Document Types:
      Committee Reports
      Conference Reports
      Hearing and Testimony Reports
      US Code
Description: The abbreviated or shortened name of a measure or portion of a measure.

The short title is used in two senses: (1) the abbreviated or shortened name of an entire measure, used as an alternative to the long title when speaking of the measure; and (2) the abbreviated or shortened name of a portion of a measure, such as a title or a division.

Unlike most metadata which must appear in the form of a document, a short title may appear almost anywhere within the text of a measure. Therefore, the short-titles will likely be implemented using text-entities.

Parent Elements: