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Element Name: added-phrase

Content Model: (#PCDATA | marker | added-phrase | deleted-phrase | internal-xref | external-xref | fraction | superscript | subscript | italic | quote | inline-comment | act-name | formula | term | omitted-text | linebreak | nobreak | pagebreak | definition | header-in-text | committee-name | short-title | editorial | footnote | footnote-ref ) *
Located in Document Types:
      Committee Reports
      Conference Reports
      Hearing and Testimony Reports
      US Code
Description: Newly added or inserted material. This material is usually shown in italic.

There are two ways material may be marked as new or deleted. If an entire structure such as a <title> or <section> has been added or deleted, the changed attribute on the structure could be set to “added” or “deleted.” If only a small portion of a structure has been added or deleted, perhaps a few words or a single letter, the <added-phrase> and <deleted-phrase> elements are used to mark those small additions and deletions.

Note: This is not the element to be used in an amendment to insert text. This is the element used in a bill or resolution to indicate that text has been added. In an amendment, the text to be inserted is contained within a <text-to-insert> element.


Name: reporting-committee
Description: For new or deleted textual material, this attribute provides a link to the name of the committee that made a particular insertion or deletion. The committee name is defined in the committee amendment line, which is part of one of the actions associated with the measure. This element links a specific change to that committee name.
Allowed Values: CDATA
Default Value: #IMPLIED

Name: reporting-committee-number
Description: This attribute represents the change style. For example, if 0, the material is not displayed. If 1, the added material is italic and the deleted material is strike-through. If 2, the added material is bold-italic and the deleted material is bold-strike-through. All of these items have not been defined.
Allowed Values: CDATA
Default Value: 1

Parent Elements: