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Data Dictionary of Legislative Documents

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Element Name: attestation–date
Description: Container for the date (legislative and/or calendar) on which a measure is passed and the chamber that passed it. Since this text take various forms, the attributes record the date and chamber values for searching.
Bills DTD Content Model: (#PCDATA | added–phrase | deleted–phrase | internal–xref | external–xref | fraction | superscript | subscript | omitted–text | linebreak | italic | quote | pagebreak | act–name)*
Name: chamber
Description: Chamber of Congress considering a measure. Values are: House, this measure was passed by the House of Representatives. Senate, this measure was passed by the Senate.
Value(s): House, Senate
Default Value: #IMPLIED
Name: date
Description: The date of an event named in the element, such as the attestation date (element attestation date and action) for an amendment document.
Value(s): CDATA
Default Value: #IMPLIED
Name: legis-day
Description: For elements which describe a date, this attribute holds the designated Legislative Day, as opposed to the actual calendar date. The Legislative Day is only recorded when the Legislative Day differs from the calendar date.
Value(s): CDATA
Default Value: #IMPLIED
Parent Elements:
  • attestation-group