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Element Name: text
Description: Textual material that follows a header, an enumerator, an enumerator/header pair, or as a cut-in (flush-left) final text after a non-structural element such as a quoted-block, table, graphic, etc..

In appropriations bills, the function performed by the text element is usually performed by the appropriations paragraph element.
Bills DTD Content Model: (#PCDATA | added–phrase | deleted–phrase | internal–xref | external–xref | fraction | superscript | subscript | omitted–text | linebreak | italic | quote | pagebreak | act–name | definition | formula | header–in–text | committee–name | short–title | term | editorial | footnote | footnote–ref | effective–date)*
Name: display-inline
Description: The display-inline attribute provides a mechanism to pull levels together in their display. Typically, this will be used when the enumerator needs to be combined (e.g., (a)(1)). Possible values are yes-display-inline and no-display-inline.
Value(s): yes-display-inline, no-display-inline
Default Value: yes-display-inline
Parent Elements:
  • appropriations-para
  • clause
  • committee-appointment-paragraph
  • item
  • paragraph
  • quoted-block
  • section
  • subclause
  • subitem
  • subparagraph
  • subsection