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Data Dictionary of Legislative Documents

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Element Name: amendment–block
Description: The amendment-block is contained within the element amendment and is the element that contains the actual text of an amendment. This includes the ability to contain a bill's legis-body as an amendment in the form of a substitute as well as other bill structures such as quoted-block.
Bills DTD Content Model: (((quoted–block | non–statutory–material | graphic | formula | toc | table | list)*, (continuation-text |account | appropriations–para | chapter | subdivision | division | subsection | paragraph | subparagraph | clause | subclause | item | subitem | part | section | subaccount | subchapter | subpart | subsubaccount | subsubsubaccount | subtitle | title)*) | preamble | legis–body | official-title-amendment)
Name: blank-lines-after
Value(s): 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
Default Value: 0
Name: changed
Description: Has this ENTIRE structural element (such as a Section (structure of legislation), Title (structure of legislation), etc.) been added or deleted?
Value(s): added, deleted, not-changed
Default Value: not-changed
Name: display-enacting-clause
Description: Determines if the enacting-clause in a bill is visible or not.
Value(s): yes-display-enacting-clause, no-display-enacting-clause
Default Value: yes-display-enacting-clause
Name: id
Description: Unique name for the element so that it can be referenced.
Value(s): ID
Default Value: #IMPLIED
Name: reporting-committee
Description: For new or deleted textual material, this attribute provides a link to the name of the committee that made a particular insertion or deletion. The committee name is defined in the committee amendment line, which is part of one of the actions associated with the measure. This element links a specific change to that committee name.
Value(s): CDATA
Default Value: #IMPLIED
Name: reporting-committee-number
Description: This attribute represents the change style. For example, if 0, the material is not displayed. If 1, the added material is italic and the deleted material is strike-through. If 2, the added material is bold-italic and the deleted material is bold-strike-through. All of these items have not been defined.
Value(s): CDATA
Default Value: 1
Name: style
Description: Identifier for the style of format to be used for a measure, e.g., Office of Legislative Counsel style, Tax style, “Traditional” style, etc..
Value(s): appropriation, defense, OLC, nuclear, tax, traditional, USC, multiple-resolved-clause, order-of-business, concur-with-amendment, constitutional-amendment, impeachment
Default Value: OLC
Name: line-numbers
Description: Printed line numbers, per page
Value(s): "off" or "on"
Default Value: on
Parent Elements:
  • amendment